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White Paper: The Evolving EV CX Dynamic

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An ICON White Paper
March 2022

Prepared by Mr. Peter Ryan, Principle, Ryan Strategic Advisory.
Ryan Strategic Advisory is a specialised agency providing BPO advisory services with a focus on customer experience excellence, work-at-home delivery, BCP, and offshoring.

This white paper is the result of ICON’s round table discussion exploring the premise, “Why are some brands hesitant to outsource B2B activity”. Outsourcing B2C interactions is common place but outsourcing B2B can prove to be more of a hurdle. This was explored by discussing the following questions with the attendees listed underneath.

• What are the primary practical CX matters currently facing customers in the EV sector?
• How would you assess the state of the relationship between EV sector brands and customers generally?
• How are EV sector brands communicating with customers?
• What feedback are you getting from customers about their needs when they enter the EV space?
• What examples do you have of great EV CX?
• What changes are you seeing in EV customer behaviour compared to ICE owners?
• How does connectivity in EVs alter the customer/manufacturer relationship?
• What can the sector do to further engage customers?
• What can be done to drive more customer lifetime value for brands in the EV sector?
• As EV adoption accelerates, what do you see as the potential CX gaps that will arise in the
next 12 to 24 months?
• How big a role should personalisation play in future EV sector CX?

Round Table Attendees

Peter Ryan – Host

As the Principal at Ryan Strategic Advisory, Peter provides commercially relevant counsel to stakeholders across the front-office BPO ecosystem, including contact centre outsourcers, CRM technology players, offshore development agencies and industry associations.

Sara Sloman – Head of Future Mobility Partnerships – Elmtronics

Lash Saranna – Founder & CEO – Electric Zoo

Randal Smith – Managing Director – Veny EV

Paul Kirby – Founder – EV Essentials

Julian Little – ICON

Get in touch with ICON directly if you would like further examples or case studies about companies that have dramatically improved their inside sales process and customer care journeys through a partnership with a BPO. 

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