The Innovation Hub Upgrades eCommerce Journeys
At The Retail Technology Show


27th of April 2022, London, United Kingdom –Retail – the who, you, and the what next! What’s going on down at the Innovation Hub?

Shopping is all going online, so you go and queue up at a shop to pick it up; you go to a store and the shelf is bare; you order it online, and your delivery is thrown over the garden fence about a week after you order it. It’s soaking wet before you pick it up.

The Innovation Hub is a consortium of companies with a passion for transforming employee and customer service in retail. We help you get the best out of the latest technology to excel in brand promise and customer service.

The future of retail is neither omnichannel nor unified or pure-play or marketplace. Neither is it a hypermarket or department store. It’s not global but most likely local, and for sure, it’s all going to be personal, sustainably personal, and mobile. A lot is going on in consumer commerce, and forgetting the buzz words which mark traditional battle lines for a moment, the greatest omen is personalised customer service. Those that excel at it are going to win.

Take a walk down to the Innovation Hub (Booth 6C89, near the Headline Stage) and see what’s going on. The technology enablers of future success, with a difference; how the retail gig comes together – a jazz band or an orchestra, irrespective of whether you are a traditional store-powered retailer, a digital native, or an online pure-play. Retail is a people business more than any other. So if you are a premium brand with luxury or cult appeal, how do you deliver on the brand promise in this new world? Just imagine:

  • In-store online? – a digital pop-up, expanded aisle, a partner concession or a category franchise in-store with Touchscreen Commerce – one platform, any device, by ELO Touch
  • Online at home? – a personalised, phygital conversation with a trusted sales associate in-store, Oktium face2face – just a click away; browse, talk, buy, all on one screen
  • Livestream commerce – international, localised, cross-border, at home in-store, any time zone at your convenience – a call away with ICON Experience Commerce.
  • Not sure which brand to buy in-store, want some specialist brand advice? Scan a QR code and talk to a specialist in a personalised video call – NetTickIT by Pierhouse, the trigger to boundless in-store, online customer service
  • Worried about getting the brand journey right, bang on promise? Personalised customer service excellence for you in an agile, sustainable way, using every possible IOT touchpoint to get it just right – joining all the dots seamlessly with Infinite Edge Technologies

The Innovation Hub Consortium is passionate about supporting your brand’s growth through optimised performance and resource-efficient opportunities. This growth requires meaningful change where people, processes and technology are involved, and all stakeholders have a significant role to play in any transformation project.

Alone we grow new channels. We bring them all together in a hyper-personalised and sustainable way that delivers right on brand promise each and every time, so your customers stay with you – anywhere, anywhere, anytime.

ICON is a contact centre headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic (Central Europe) that focuses on supplying experienced personnel to deliver customer experience interactions across sales, account management, tech support, and customer service in 30+ languages 24/7/365.

ELO Touch opens up a world of online shopping in-store and makes it easier for customers to pay and store colleagues to take payments with its attractive mPOS devices.

Oktium Face2Face is a hyper-personalised engagement and sales platform – its browse, chat, and buy functionality helps retailers make a personalised connection with their customers, dramatically increasing sales conversion levels through personal relationships.

NetTickIT Intelligent Shelf Edge, by Pierhouse Technologies, supports real-time pricing in-store, expanded aisle and in-store eCommerce. IT is easy to integrate & offers multi-source, multi-modal multi-channel customer communications which engage and commit.

Infinite Edge Technologies uses AI and machine learning to identify and optimise the technology touchpoints and key processes, enabling retailers to create great customer experiences in the most efficient way possible.


For more information or to request an interview with ICON’s CEO, Helen Hickin, please contact:
Chris Hague
Marketing + Media Business Partner
+420 221 709 223

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