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The Operational Excellence Show: Helen Hickin – The CEO With Conviction

ICON’s CEO, Helen Hickin, sat down with Marianne Rutz for her Operation Excellence podcast to discuss how Helen approaches being a leader and the personal qualities she has that help shape her career and the success of ICON.

A CEO with conviction lets people’s brains relax, so to speak. She is letting them concentrate on what needs to be done. When people feel more secure in the future, they’re happier and produce higher quality work. A leader who can demonstrate conviction will be more successful, and so will everyone she works with. That’s an assessment of Forbes – but absolutely measures up today’s guest speaker.

Helen Hickin is not the conventional CEO, running her contact centre in Prague guided by economic principles, bottom line figures only! Helen is a founding member of the ICON team and has over 30 years of experience in contact centres encapsulating both supplier and client perspectives. She has established successful contact centre operations in both the UK and the Czech Republic. Helen thrives on executing operational excellence and is recognised as one of the industry’s most successful CEOs and thought leaders.

It is refreshing to hear Helen speak about compassion, conviction and trust in the same tone and with the same passion as she is talking about profitability and prosperity! Helen has led her firm through two very tough economic and social challenges – the financial crisis in 2008 and the Covid 19 Pandemic since 2020 – for 18 months now.

In this episode Helen talks about:

  • Resilience during a crisis
  • Taking the leap of faith
  • Taking tough decisions without being cold or calculated
  • Running contact centre services ethically, not compromising sustainability
  • Helen’s secret sauce? True compassion overlaid with a health dose of pragmatism!
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