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Zoom EV Is Building Confidence In Electric Vehicle Uptake

It’s a fact that owning an electric vehicle (EV) is different to owning a regular petrol or diesel vehicle. Even though the average car journey is only a few kilometres, the most common concern is range anxiety. Drivers need to change their mindset and think of their car a little like their phone – it’s always on charge when it’s sitting at home in the garage. So you usually leave home with the tank at 100%.

But even as people get over their fear of the battery running out on a long journey, there are several other differences. All electric vehicles are automatic – no more manual gears. That could be a bonus for anyone that struggles with a problematic clutch. Insurance companies assess electric vehicle risk differently because it is still more expensive to service and repair them. Third, if you plan to charge when on the move, you need to join a charging network – potentially more than one if you want to be sure you can find a charging station away from home.

These are just a few of the differences that the end consumer needs to be aware of, and it can sometimes feel a bit daunting. Still, some exciting communities are being launched to help drivers with the transition to electric vehicles.

Zoom EV is a great example. They are creating a one-stop shop with advice on EVs, help finding insurance, help with charging difficulties, and a sharing network that allows EV owners to lend their cars to other community members when the car is not being used.

Community sharing is a fantastic idea. Most cars are sitting idle 96% of the time, so why not earn some extra cash allowing your vehicle to be rented by other community members? It also allows people that are just thinking about buying an EV the opportunity to join the community, ask questions, and try out a real EV just for a few hours. This also adds an additional layer of community CX to Zoom EV’s customer journey and value proposition.

Zoom EV can also arrange a lease agreement for a new EV. This is becoming a popular option for people who don’t want to tie up their savings in a rapidly-depreciating car or borrow the cash and then have to repay a lender. A lease is effectively like a long-term rental – you just pay a fixed monthly amount, and you have a car, with insurance and maintenance all bundled into a single fee. It’s like a car-as-a-service.

Governments across the world are phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles. In the EU, they will no longer be available from 2035. However, we only have a short period of time to get used to EVs and improve the international charging infrastructure, so it’s easy to charge when away from home.

I firmly believe that communities like Zoom EV are going to help to create more consumer confidence in EVs. Buying an EV right now still feels a little like being an early adopter – access to advice and information on making it feel everyday and normal will go a long way to changing attitudes and consumer behaviour.

Please get in touch with me directly on LinkedIn here if you want to discuss these ideas further. Interested in learning more about electric vehicle customer experience solutions? Please contact ICON’s Mark Matthews.

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