Whether you need a complete end-to-end outsourcing sales solution or a one-off partner with the expertise required sales for a tactical campaign, ICON can help with the fast deployment of an experienced multilingual sales team to reach your 2019 sales goals.

ICON provides the world’s leading brands with solutions that enable sales and marketing teams to achieve KPIs thanks to:

  • Outbound telesales
  • Lead generation
  • Inbound marketing campaign response management
  • Sales order processing
  • Market analysis and reporting

ICON has over sixteen years of experience in managing tactical sales campaigns. Proven sales training methods ensure that ICON clients benefit from teams that are effective communicators across a range of sectors and markets. Outsourced agents can quickly build a personal rapport with customers that is engaging and highly conducive to sales conversions. ICON provides five-star customer communication that earns trust and promotes brand awareness with every interaction – all for a fraction of the cost of creating or expanding an in-house sales team.

Targeted Upselling & Cross-Selling

Acquiring new customers is costly when compared to retaining existing ones already satisfied with your product or service. ICON sales agents can efficiently cross-sell and upsell new opportunities to existing customers to rapidly boost sales. A tactical campaign will target and motivate these customers for the sale of additional services or add-on services and provide a lifeline to your pipeline.

Fast Deployment

Thanks to the depth of multilingual talent available in the Czech Republic, ICON can quickly recruit a mature and professional sales team in just weeks. Agents are trained on your product or service using your materials and enhanced by ICON’s award-winning sales methodologies. Continuous upskilling and agent review ensures that your outsourced salesforce is always performing at the highest level.

Handle Higher Volume

As an effective call centre partner, ICON is ready to handle the high volumes of calls that are needed to drive sales. If your business has lead data that needs contacting or converting, ICON can deploy a flexible team to handle any volume required. Team sizes are easily scaled as needs dictate to help manage budgets and ROI.

24/7 Multilingual Services

An outsourced team with ICON is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. This round-the-clock contact is essential for reaching customers wherever they are in the world. ICON’s native-level multilingual talent understands the nuances of language and local markets to speed up fast track sales.

360-Degree Visibility

An ICON team is your team, and our clients have a 360-degree view of what is happening 24/7 thanks to live dashboards and reporting. You are always in control of your outsourced team as they help fulfil your sales goals for 2019. You can monitor the quality of customer interactions and results in real-time to ensure that your brand is handled just as you would.

ICON’s award-winning solutions harness leading technology, systems and processes that integrate seamlessly with your business, to maximise efficiencies and knowledge management across multiple channels. ICON solutions integrate fully with every CRM for data sharing, accuracy, and timely reporting.