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Artificial Intelligence:
An Agile approach to improving customer conversations

Is your BPO or call centre partner harnessing AI technology to improve customer calls?
This technology is perfect for driving Agile improvement to voice interactions that ultimately benefits brands, their customers, and agents.

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the call centre environment is facilitating an unprecedented approach to improving customer interactions. By leveraging capabilities such as speech recognition and sentiment analysis to evaluate such communications, AI allows brands to automate their assessment of customer service conversations. This focus on individuals and interactions over processes is a uniquely Agile approach for improving customer care in call centres and BPO businesses.


The Project Management Institute reveals that over 70% of organisations have incorporated an Agile approach to business transformation, and Agile projects are 28% more successful than traditional projects. As a development methodology, it values human communication and feedback, adapting to change, and producing working results. For customer interactions based around voice, the use of AI conversation analysis tools strives to improve communication by recognising patterns and then providing actionable data for change management.


When applied to customer care conversations, AI tools provide real-time insights based on behavioural science and deep learning. The AI listens to conversations for both content and tone. It can detect words and phrases, mimicking, change in volume, change in pitch, and more to gain insights into what is actually happening on a call – how interactions are progressing, and how customers are feeling.

Data generated from the actual content of conversations are easily collated to effect positive change within an organisation, such as improvements to a product or service. BPO businesses and call centres are proving AI to be a cost-effective method for their clients to gain valuable insights into customer pain points and processes of retention.

In learning behavioural patterns, conversation analysis can successfully intercept negative customer interactions and provide a high level of service as incidents occur. Providing proactive customer support by predicting what customers need or want, results in a significant competitive advantage. With automated real-time monitoring, call centre operations can avoid irrelevant customer engagements – accelerating customer resolution and satisfaction.

Predictive analysis of an agent’s performance is achieved by establishing and recognising patterns to capture specific factors that gauge the level of customer service provided. AI easily identifies poor performance that is quickly improved upon by creating training sessions tailored to the individual agent’s need according to their calls analysis.

This feedback provides a truly Agile methodology of adapting to change through a deeper understanding of the human interaction that agents are having with customers.


AI provides a level of analytics that enables the transformation of customer service through speed and cost efficiencies that improve the quality of customer service and care. The technology acts as a support that augments an agent’s skill set. It enables outsourced agents to do much more, at a faster and better level of service and quality. The call centre can concentrate on customer engagement for improvement in a truly Agile way, resulting in a higher level of customer service.

By adopting digital technology and equipping employees with crucial digital skills, call centres can move from a ‘human resources’ to a ‘human capital’ mindset. Transitioning from being people-led to technology-led through increasing reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI), call centres can deliver improved value for their client’s brand.

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