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The One Word That’s Going To Drive Your Inside Sales Team To Greater Success

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We’re all looking to give our inside sales team any advantage that we possibly can to make them successful, and one of the simplest things to do to make sure that you’re doing that is to ensure that there’s inter-departmental COLLABORATION. Really what you want is an entire company driving your inside sales team forward, and the best way to do that is to get them talking to all the other organisations within your company. Now that might be marketing, it might be supply chain, it doesn’t matter really who it is – you need your inside sales team talking to all the other key departments in your business. Because after years and years of doing this in every single meeting there’s always a really really concrete example of something that the whole organisation can do to better really support sales. And that’s what we want! We want an entire business pushing that sales team and supporting that sales team. If you’re not already doing this the best place to start is with your marketing team. Make sure that your marketing team is really hearing from your sales team what the conversations from with the customer are like. How is that marketing material really conveying itself to real conversations with customers? What’s the customer feedback? And that will help you to make sure that that marketing initiative is really hitting the mark. One of the key things that allows you to do this is really tracking your leads – is tracking your leads from the exact moment that that lead comes in  all the way through to sales conversion. Because that will help you understand which leads in your marketing are really turning into money and which are leading to dead-end conversations. But the best way to do this is to start with your sales team talking with your marketing team. Remember we want the entire company pushing sales not just your sales team!

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