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How To Correctly Set Productivity Targets For Your Inside Sales Team

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We all want to make our inside sales teams as productive and efficient as possible, and you know one of the things that we do is we implement tools and we implement technology to facilitate that. Make sure that when you’re implementing your tools and your technology that you have a representative from your inside sales team involved in the project all the way from the start of scoping throughout the entire process until  implementation. Inside sales people overwhelmingly agree technology makes them more efficient it makes their lives easier. They also overwhelmingly agree that the tools that they have are too complex and oftentimes find the information that they need difficult to find. There’s a clear gap between the tools and the processes that we’re offering our inside sales teams and the reality of what they need to be more efficient. Now part of the reason for this is the top-down approach that we so often use when we’re designing these projects. So make sure that you don’t make that mistake and you have a member of your inside sales team involved even at the start to decide which project has priority, then into scoping, into the weekly project meetings, and all the way into the post project wrap up. Remember, you’re implementing tools for your inside sales team for them! If they’re not at the table to tell you that it doesn’t hit the mark, you’ll be delivering something that isn’t quite what they need.

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