ICON Communication Centres

Headquartered in Prague and established in 2003, ICON Communication Centres s.r.o. (VAT CZ26771845) is a multilingual BPO and call centre specialising in inside sales and account management customer experiences for B2B and B2C brands. ICON’s solutions harness a combination of cutting-edge technology and A-player human resource to deliver high-touch, high-value customer interactions in 30 languages at a native- level.

Outsourcing specialists design bespoke inside sales journeys that target, convert, onboard, develop and retain B2B customers. ICON’s end-to-end monitoring accurately measures every touchpoint to ensure continuous improvement and return on investment.

ICON’s strategic account management focuses on developing relationships and building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with key customers for clients. An ICON team helps B2B and B2C brands adapt quickly to market forces and provide insights into what their customers desire and require for success. ICON is committed to cultivating a culture of inclusion and connectedness.

The collective sum of each colleagues’ individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, innovation, self-expression, and talent represents part of our culture, our reputation, and ICON’s achievements since 2003.

The ICON Experience

  • Helen Hickin
    Helen Hickin Chief Executive Officer
    • Jiri Kratochvil
      Jiri Kratochvil Chief Financial Officer
      • Neal Bartram
        Neal Bartram Chief Operating Officer
        • Mark Matthews
          Mark Matthews Chief Business Development Officer
          • Steven Yeats
            Steven Yeats Business Unit Manager
            • Damian Paklos
              • Bogdan Nicola
                Bogdan Nicola SITE TRAINER