ICON is now a yoummday company!

The yoummday technology platform connects companies directly with a marketplace of CX professionals ready for immediate deployment!

Scalability and Flexibility

Whether you want to set up global teams, run short-term projects, or react to volume fluctuations on the fly, yoummday always provides just what you need – when you need it.

Increased Security and Reliability

We’ve been taking remote work to a completely different level since 2016, especially with our proprietary software that enables GDPR-compliant work from home worldwide.

Higher Quality Agents

Because yoummday talent can earn more than in a conventional centre, the yoummday marketplace attracts better qualified and more motivated professionals at lower cost to clients.

Improved Cost-Effectiveness

With yoummday’s technology platform, call centre costs, expensive facilities and unnecessary overheads are a thing of the past. We offer competitive prices with transparent, performance-based billing.

ICON’s Experience Extends Across Key Sectors With Global Brands






Technology Hardware

Global brands seeking a multilingual call centre trust ICON for high-value inside sales, account management, and customer care interactions that find new customers and penetrate new markets at scale.


B2B & B2C Inside Sales

ICON designs bespoke inside sales journeys and commits to interactions that target, convert, onboard, develop and retain customers. End-to-end monitoring in real-time accurately measures every touchpoint to ensure continuous improvement and return on investment. ICON agents receive continuous upskilling and development.


B2B Account Management

ICON’s strategic account management focuses on developing relationships and building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with key customers for clients. We help brands adapt to market forces, provide insights into what their customers require for success, and then ensure that we deliver it.


Customer Experience

ICON’s CX success strategies centre around the needs and preferences of B2B and B2C customers, paying careful attention to those interactions that are opportunities to delight customers. These interactions include marketing support, sales, implementation, renewal, support, in-product experience, and more.

Award-Winning Multilingual Call Centre


ICON is the trusted advisor for evangelising its client’s products or services and for interacting with its customers.

Everyone at ICON is focused on helping clients grow and delight their customers through the deployment of expert CX knowledge developed over nearly two decades.

Through meaningful, human-to-human dialogue with customers in their native language, ICON gains a nuanced understanding of their problems, needs, and expectations.

ICON provides clients with insights into what their customers think and want through quantitative and qualitative analysis.

  • Our EU customer care operations were run from London for many years but costs were increasing and we couldn’t maintain the same service levels. We needed to pivot to a partner that could provide our customers with the same level of care at lower cost and provide the added value to help us improve processes. ICON’s experience was attractive as was their ability to recruit right-fit agents. They work to ensure we have 360 visibility on our operations as well finding ways to improve efficiency. Importantly, the ICON team cares about our brand just as much as we do.

    Neil Mercer Mio

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