With over 300 staff ICON has a lot of stories and daily experiences, and one recently prompted such a passionate response from the recruitment team and the Managing Director that we had to share it!

Finding a great hairdresser can be difficult in a new city, finding one that is also inexpensive is almost impossible ... until now. One minute from the metro at Křižíkova, in ICON's home at Karlin in Prague, is a hairdressing salon that had staff raving - Kadernictví 100CZK. As the name suggests every service they offer is 100CZK and judging by the reviews in the office the service is worth a lot more. Sara from the recruitment team paid for 300CZK in total for her visit and judging by the smile and the badgering to write this post it was worth every crown!

I can't believe how good it is and it was only 300CZK! I have never had this in Prague!
Sara - ICON Recruitment

Three other staff visited with each of them loving the service and the result. If you're looking for a hairdresser in Karlin then they come highly recommended, if you are looking for a career in Karlin then we suggest clicking here and seeing what ICON can offer!


*No reimbursement of any kind was received for this post.