Here at Utilitywise Prague (ICON Communication Centres) we're proud of the ongoing training and development programs we offer team members. As a business we believe it is important to not just offer a job but a career that encourages people to grow and develop their skills. Our preference for promoting from within helps keep the experience colleagues have gained in-house, and ultimately delivers better service and results for our customers. To successfully do this we ensure that all colleagues are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed in any new position they are offered. These tools are in the form of the experience they have gained and extensive internal training programs they participate in.

Our specially customised process and programs have been developed for all levels within our business so colleagues can be upskilled appropriately for their next position. These programs form an essential step in the Utilitywise Prague (ICON Communication Centres) promotion structure. Recently senior team members (pictured below) completed the year's first Leadership Training with our site trainer Damian Paklos. The three-hour weekly sessions were held over the past two and a half months and covered the following topics throughout the schedule -

Principles of leadership
Employee motivation
Situational leadership
Models of adult learning
Stages of learning
Learning motivation of an employee
Steps of the Sale
Professional e-mail communication
Stages of organisation
Time management

The program represents a significant investment in time and we congratulate everyone involved on their successful completion. If you are interested in a career with us then click here and apply online today.