We thought it was time to reveal more about what a contact centre does for its clients, and debunk the myth that centres just do outbound cold calling. The reality is that Utilitywise Europe performs a wide variety of roles and in this series, we want to tell you more about the functions we perform, and the skills we look for when matching people to all our different job types. 


In this role Utilitywise Europe handles inbound calls on behalf of our clients that relate to a specific issue about the client's product or service. The calls are from their customers, and our goal is to solve their query quickly and professionally. For example, one of Utilitywise Europe's clients has a complete software platform that our staff have been trained to be expert users of so that they can help customers no matter what their query. The tech support we provide ranges from login issues, to product queries, billing problems, descriptions of more advanced features, and much more. Whatever it is, our goal is to establish the issue, and provide a solution the first time, in a fast and friendly manner.

Tech support positions require extensive training which is provided by our clients. The training is supported by manuals, FAQs, and product testing workshops carried out in specialised 'labs'. In the labs, our staff can train and work with the product or service to improve their expertise in a 'real world' environment. The goal for team members in the position is to maintain and improve their product knowledge while being able to replicate queries and issues so they know how to solve them best.

The tech support positions bring a lot of job satisfaction because it involves helping people and solving their problems. There are plenty of opportunities to learn new things on a daily basis so the challenge is constant. In filling the role of tech support we look for people who have good analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, tenacity, a real desire to help others, great customer service skills, and of course ... patience. If you're interested in a tech support role with Utilitywise Europe please click here and browse our latest vacancies!