We are continuing our series on the different types of careers that we offer here at ICON, and dispelling some of the myths about the positions contact centres offer team members. This month it is ...


This career involves receiving inbound calls from the customers of ICON clients, and assisting with their inquiry or request. It's a high energy and fast paced role that requires skills in efficiency, politeness, and a desire to help people. Our customer service team receive specialised training in our client's product or service and then represent the client to the customer over the telephone. There is no outbound calling whatsoever, just a great attitude for positive communication and interaction with people. Sometime the ICON team is the only front serving 'face' of a business and so our role is imperative for their success.

For example, one of our current clients provides a specialised parking payment system that services their customers from all over the world - North America, Canada, France, Australia, and the UK. Customers call our team to pay for their parking once they are ready to leave a car park. The calls could be to register to use the payment service, help in downloading the app, receipt requests, or just general inquiries. About 65% of the calls are to register customers to use the service, from which they are then transferred to an automated service to finish paring their payment. With calls coming from across the globe the challenges come from managing a high volume of calls, quickly. For example, the call duration for registration is about a minute, while customer inquiries are about 1.5 minutes. The people we speak with are in a carpark and ready to leave, and need the payment process sorted quickly and efficiently so they can get on with their day. Our customer service agents are amazing at being able to relate to a customer's current situation and get them ... moving or leaving the carpark at least!

This payment system is facilitated across multiple platforms, so team members are trained on one, then upskilled to be able to manage the others. We operate this service 24/7 for our client because their customers are in several timezones, naturally we pay a premium to our night workers for working outside of normal business hours. For some people, these hours can be preferable too as we understand not everyone wants to work 9 to 5 so we split the shifts through the night. Our client even manages parking for boats in coastal locations so we even chat to people who moor their boat in Miami, Florida - and it all happens from our location in Karlin in beautiful Prague!

This role is a great vehicle for launching your career in the customer service industry or getting life started in Prague. It requires fast and friendly communication with people from all over the world.
Mark Mathews - Site Director

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