Late last week we officially welcomed Paul Myers to the Utilitywise Prague recruitment team as our new Recruitment Manager. Paul is replacing Dace Ozola who has lead the team for the past 4 years and is now taking maternity leave. This was a vitally important appointment for the continuity of Dace's work as the business heads into a period of significant growth.

"Paul will be focused on progressing the great work Utilitywise Prague's recruitment team has implemented thus far, whilst further driving business continuous improvement scheduled for this delivery stream to meet business goals."
Helen Hickin, Managing Director, Utilitywise Prague

Paul Myers is an experienced recruitment manager with 17 years experience in both internal and external environments, with many achievements throughout the CEE region. He's an expert in recruitment strategy, systems, and tools. Paul holds an exceptional track record of delivering high quality, critical hires both personally and through the teams he has managed. Paul is a big fan of automation and over the years has learnt how to use the right tools and surround himself with people who have strength in other areas better than himself to build high performing recruitment teams.

"Competition for talent in Prague is high and I'm looking forward to securing the best people for our clients and their teams."
Paul Myers, Recruitment Manager, Utilitywise Prague

We're all looking forward to the energy and positivity that Paul will bring to the workplace; including his fandom of Dr Seuss!  His favourite quote, "And will you succeed? Yes, you will, indeed! 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed." On behalf of all our colleagues in Karlin, we welcome Paul to the Utilitywise Prague family!