Last Saturday Dace Ozola and Sara Brandejs-Cohen from the ICON recruitment team hosted the ICON stand at the Multicultural Job Fair in Mala Strana. Hosted by the Anglo-American university fair was attended by over a dozen employers from the Czech Republic looking to secure multilingual staff. Organisers estimate that over 700 people attended between 10AM and 5PM.

Dace and Sara spent the day talking to visitors about the role of ICON as a contact centre and the various positions available for students, graduates, and professionals. "Everyone we spoke to was ready to work and keen for a career, they arrived with their CVs and a very positive attitude", said Dace. The team received over 100 CVs which is a huge success for both ICON and candidates looking to put their language skills to good use.

To quote two visitors (pictured with Dace and Sara below) -

"The ladies were really enthusiastic and full of energy, if people at ICON are like that then we are really interested."
"Out of all the stands here ICON was the best one, we have a really good feeling about the company."

Congratulations to the recruitment team and if you are looking for a multilingual career with ICON then please click here.