We're thrilled to congratulate our Site Director Mark Matthews for his 14 years of service to Utilitywise Prague! Mark was one of the founding colleagues of the business when it was conceived in 2003 as ICON Communication Centres. Mark, along with our Managing Director Helen Hickin, helped to set up and shape the original business and are now relishing the vigour that has come with the new Utilitywise brand.

"It was really exciting all those years ago, to help with the set up of ICON and be part of an exciting new venture in a new country."

When Mark began there were only 15 staff and now the business has grown to 302 employees, speaking over 20 languages and operating in 35 countries. He has seen the business grow from being a solely sales focussed English speaking centre to a truly global one that offers full BPO services to the world's leading brands.

"One of the most important milestones was when we went 24/7 in 2013, it reflected how valuable we were to the global marketplace from our HQ in Prague."

In his early days in Prague, the culture and language barrier provided lots of entertainment as he grappled with a new country and colleagues. "I wanted to provide Christmas Hampers for the staff working on Christmas Day and asked the receptionist to arrange them for us", he recalls. "She was quite perplexed by this request but dutifully attempted to carry out the task ... but not before double checking her instructions with another colleague who assured her that I didn't want everyone to receive a Christmas hamster that year!"

In reflecting on his time, Mark is proud of his part in helping grow the business, retain clients, and develop accounts. Mark has provided invaluable expertise in developing a successful sales methodology that continues to deliver results across all sectors of Utilitywise Prague. One of the highlights for him has been in cementing the position of the centre as a part of the local community in Karlin. "It has always been important to us to give back to this wonderful city, we continue to support the Tereza Maxova Foundation and the Klokanek Children's Home in Prague 8," Mark said, "knowing we make a difference in this city has been very rewarding."

"On behalf of the entire Utilitywise Prague team we thank Mark for his tireless efforts over the past 14 years, it has been a lot of work, a lot of fun, and we look forward to many more yearswith him."

Helen Hickin, Managing Director, Utilitywise Prague