ICON's support for the Klokanek Children's charity in Prague 8 reached a new milestone this week when we delivered 12000CZK in cash and stravenky (Czech food vouchers)! The donation was raised over the past three months and was gratefully accepted by director Margareta Johnova (pictured) at the residence that looks after 16 children. Michal and Garth (pictured) from the Western Digital team have been spearheading the fundraising in their lunch hours and spare time. The donation will be used for food and happy experiences such as camping and canoeing - it costs about 8000CZK to provide food for one week so every crown is vital. 

Super! Super! Super! Thank you for all your energy!

Klokanek survives thanks to small government contributions and donations from across Czech society. Their work is invaluable for providing a home for children that can't be looked after by their parents for one reason or another. The home is run with only two paid staff and a handful of 'aunties' who provide a loving and caring environment for the children to grow up in. The aunties receive a small amount of money each month but often they go unpaid for many months. The Klokanek in Prague 8 is just one of several across the city. Since they opened their arms in September 200o the Klokanek families have cared for over 4000 children. The big difference between the charity and institutional programs is that children can be received on the basis of just a preliminary assessment without interference from the courts or authorities. Klokanek can help quickly and when it is needed at the parent's request, when conditions improve they can quickly leave the residence and go back home,

All the ICON team have been so generous across all our departments and this project has brought everyone together. We'll continue working to raise more money and update you on our next donation in September. If you would like to help please send an email directly to Margareta at margareta.johnova@fod.cz, or visit www.fod.cz/nase-cinnost/klokanek.

We can see exactly where the money goes and who it helps - this makes a real difference for these kids.                                                          Garth