Our International Food Day for 2017 was a hit again with both breakfast and lunch being flown* in by our team from around the world. Team members brought in foods from their home countries and it was sold at a buffet breakfast and lunch to raise money for our chosen children's charity. This annual event is always a favourite of the team and 2017 was no exception with sweet and savoury treats from across Europe, Africa, and Asia. Team leader Clancy Tetteh was this year's organiser and he was thrilled with the success of the event, "The chefs were great and I love that everyone pulls together for some fun in our day!". Thanks to everyone's efforts the Klokanek Children's Charity in Prague 8 will receive 6147CZK to feed and clothe the children in their care. Our day was also part of the commitment we have as a Utilitywise business in embracing #CharityTuesday and giving back to the broader community on a weekly basis. Enjoy the pics and if you would like to join our Prague team then click here.

*There was no actual flying, more likely just the tram. :)