ICON's International Food Day 2016 was a huge success this year raising 13 672CZK! A big THANK YOU to all who participated, set up, and cooked for the breakfast and lunch. It's always a fun event with great food, atmosphere and fun and this year was no exception.

6030CZK was raised during breakfast for the Tereza Maxova Foundationz, and 7642CZK was raised during lunch and will go to the Klokanek Chabarovicka children's charity in our local area of Krzikova. Countries represented this year were Venezuela, France, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Czech Republic, UK, Germany, Turkmenistan,  and Belarus.

Special thanks goes to Salina Orazsahatova, who organised breakfast, and Clancy Tetteh, who organised lunch. Carlos Botero and his wife went out of their way to prepare Pan de Jamón (Venezuelan "Ham-Bread") and donated home made Tapioca Puddings with coconut milk, which were gluten and diary free! It took our food event to the next level and if you're interested you can find out more here http://tapioca.cz.

I strongly believe in the maxim “teach a man to fish…” and that’s why I’m big fan of the Tereza Maxova foundation. They support education, invest into children's futures, and if the money raised will support at least one child to have a better chances in life then it was all worth it!
Salina Orazsahatova