The Czech tradition of Mikuláš visited ICON last Friday delivering gifts and scares to over 20 ICON families. The full St. Nicholas Day cast of Mikuláš, the Angel, and the Devil, showed up at our headquarters in Prague ready to ask children if they'd behaved well in the past year. Good kids got rewarded, bad kids were supposed to get potatoes or coal. ICON's Mikuláš asked the kids if they'd been good, then they each had to sing or perform something simple. Amazingly all the kids said 'yes', we probably shouldn't have had the chocolate in view. The Angel gave out the chocolate, and the Devil gave out a few scares. According to the Czech legend bad kids should have also been put in the Devil's sack and then taken to hell, but workplace health and safety wouldn't allow it this year. Thanks to all the wonderful ICON families who joined in the fun!

Enjoy the pics!