A message from ICON's Managing Director, Helen Hickin.

Dobry Den!

Welcome to 2016, I hope the year is full of fun and prosperity so far. The ICON team is exuding energy and enthusiasm already this year and we're all embracing exciting opportunities for 2016. We look forward to building on our extensive experience in supporting more than 20 languages, an impressive service portfolio, and welcoming great new talent to join our international lineup.

ICON is pleased to share another active start to a fresh calendar year. Our team are nearing completion of implementing a new, multilingual, multichannel, customer onboarding support program. We have many more projects on the horizon set to keep everyone stimulated as we help our clients grow their businesses. ICON will continue to passionately seek out ways to evolve and improve the service it provides to its customers through innovative training, technology and its tenacity for excellence.

I look forward to keeping you updated as to ICON's progress as the year unfolds. Have a great year!


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