The new CEO of Utilitywise, Brendan Flattery, made his first visit to our office in Karlin last Thursday to purposefully meet and get to know the full team in Prague. Brendan took over the helm of ICON's UK-based parent company less than a month ago (19 days at the time of the visit). Prior to his move to Utilitywise Brendan was the president of Sage’s European operation, a career that saw him lead a team of 7000 colleagues, managing over 2 million customers in 11 countries, and generating revenue of 1 billion last year. Joining Brendan on his visit was Jon Cowan, Utilitywise’s Director of New Product Development. Brendan and Jon spent time with all colleagues, taking the opportunity to discuss the varied solutions Utilitywise delivers to its clients. They were impressed by the sheer number of languages that ICON supports (currently 33) and the passion of the team delivering the extensive range of communication services. 

“The work being done here is fast and exciting"
Brendan Flattery - CEO - Utilitywise

Brendan spoke with the entire staff base about his entrepreneurial career so far and his vision for Utilitywise and ICON. He was definite that there was no limit to the growth of the business in Prague, “If you have a goal which is inspiring and ambitious then don’t set yourself a limitation before you start.” He spoke candidly about his passions, both professional and personal, and how they positively influence his role as a CEO. “I have three pillars that are vital to being successful in business - connecting with customers, joining with colleagues, and giving back to the community." Brendan’s honest and friendly style was well received and this was evident in the number of questions he enjoyed responding to from staff. He was asked how the ICON team can improve their performance under his leadership, he replied, “We will give you everything you need to be successful, the right training, the right skills, the right environment.” Brendan went on to explain how quality is pivotal in measuring business success.

"When you measure things from a quality perspective, that then determines the experience the customer gets. Be brilliant at customer experience and you won’t go wrong."
Brendan Flattery - CEO - Utilitywise

Brendan is passionate about social media and the benefit such inexpensive PR can deliver to any business. His communication-centric approach extends to the role he sees Utilitywise has with its customers, "We need to think about the conversations we have with clients and customers, the more conversations we have the more opportunities we can develop." These opportunities will deliver channels for creating the new business and new markets that will allow the business to expand and be even more successful. Brendan's experience and enthusiasm make for an exciting time ahead for all of us at ICON as we get ready for a period that will be defined by growth and quality. On behalf of all the Prague team we welcome Brendan and look forward to the journey ahead!

"Retaining customers is not just about price, it is about their experience overall"
Brendan Flattery - CEO - Utilitywise


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