Anne from Norway joined the Utilitywise Prague team in December last year and this is her first full-time position since leaving university. We sat down to chat with her about why she chose to join Utilitywise for a career and what it means to her.

Utilitywise Prague: What made you think about joining Utilitywise Prague?

Anne: My friend Sarah was already working here and she actually recommended it. I love to travel and knew that I wanted to work in a multicultural environment. I love being surrounded by different nationalities, languages, and cultures, so this was the ideal place to look for a position.

Utilitywise Prague: What job did you apply for and how was the interview process?

Anne: I applied for the position of Communication Specialist for the Nordic regions … I speak both Norwegian and Swedish so this was perfect for me. I applied early in December and started two weeks later. The interview process was speedy and simple; I had an interview with the team leader and then with the Swedish marketing manager.

Utilitywise Prague: You’ve been here for two months, did you have any expectations before you started?

Anne: Not really, I was quite open about it ... I wanted to come in and work hard. I knew it was a call centre but I didn't know it would be such a dynamic environment. I also didn't expect that my objectives would change regularly - this was a nice surprise.

Utilitywise Prague: What does your job consist of?

Anne: I follow up different types of leads to generate sales for our global technology hardware client. One day I will be calling and telling people about projectors and visual systems and another day I’ll be marketing a different product. We work a lot with Salesforce which helps keep everything organised. I enjoy having a variety of objectives, it keeps it interesting. My days are quite structured which I like. I especially like to sell and discuss the visual projects, calling museums and theatres are really interesting for me.

Utilitywise Prague: Do you have targets to reach?

Anne: You have targets every day which can be tough, BUT I get a real boost when I get a lead! It is a sense of achievement, and it honestly feels nice to meet your objectives. It is really rewarding, to be honest. 

Utilitywise Prague: I heard you made an incredible deal already ...

Anne: Yeah it was the biggest outbound lead the team had had. There was a roadshow in Sweden for all these amazing visual products developed by our client, and I was following up with people who registered there. I called a guy who is working on a very large arts installation building in Sweden and they needed help with creative technology solutions for the installations. Fortunately, we had just what he was looking and they are the experts in this field so it worked out really well.

Utilitywise Prague: Everyone says that the people are the best part of our Prague site, how is your team?

Anne: It is a safe environment and easy to make friends. Everyone is nice, everyone has a great attitude and seem like go-getters, people care about each other and it creates a nice community.  I like my team, they’re all quite different people but we have great conversations about politics, life, and everything! We ultimately talk a lot about how to do our job better and offer support to each other.

Utilitywise Prague: Do you feel like you are still learning?

Anne: Well I studied humanities and not business so I am learning more about international business and the corporate life. I am learning a lot on a day to day basis that is completely new and I'm just taking it all in.

Utilitywise Prague: What advice do you have for people joining a similar campaign with us?

Anne: Stay positive for you team mates. You do suffer from (sales) rejection but I see it as a blessing in disguise, it is a quality you learn here that makes you stronger. The structure is quite strict and you learn to be productive, this is really beneficial for me.

"You can always grow. You can always learn something from anything."
Anne - Utilitywise Prague


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