We first met Simen from Norway at the Multicultural Job Fair last October when we were introducing ICON and our careers to job seekers in Prague. As a student, he was looking for a part-time position to supplement his university education ... and his bank balance. During the event, Simen left his CV and chatted to Dace and Sara from our recruitment team and several days later he began the interview process. We sat down with Simen this week to discuss his first two months working part-time with ICON.

ICON: Why did you decide to try a career with ICON out of all the other exhibitors at the fair?

Simen: To be honest I had a very good discussion with Dace and Sara on the day and I was impressed with how friendly they were and the different positions that ICON had.

ICON: You started the interview process soon after, what did that consist of?

Simen: Once they had had time to look over my CV I got a call to come to the office for the first interview. I then had two more interviews, one with ICON's client and another with their supplier. Each interview was different, asking me about my skills from different perspectives. The interviews were extensive but they pushed me to learn about the products in advance so I was prepared. 

ICON: How long did the whole process take from start to finish?

Simen: It was quite quick actually, about two weeks.

ICON: And how has your new career fulfilled your expectations so far?

Simen: Pretty well actually. The brand I work with is really familiar to me and has a great reputation so this is very good. People here help each other, our manager and team leader co-operate well to help us succeed - I'm impressed. I am studying business, so my work here really helps with what I am learning at uni, especially with respect to marketing and international business.

ICON: So working here is fitting in nicely with your university courses?

Simen: Very good actually. ICON's training material discusses the market, trends, and why b2b businesses need specific solutions, this helps me understand the needs of international businesses. Already I have learnt so much about international industries and how they are organised. My lecturer actually recommended ICON for that reason.

ICON: What's your opinion of the people here at ICON?

Simen: They're opening doors and smiling! Everyone is friendly andprofessional, they do what they can for you and give advice to make it a positive experience. I heard several people say that the people are the best part of ICON and I agre.

ICON: You're working on sales campaign here and it is known that this role can be a high-pressure environment, how are you finding the targets you are set

Simen: The targets are achievable and with the good data we get I am making it! It is all about your mentality. My success is making me confident and determined for more. I think balance is key - enjoy your breaks, rotate your tasks, and take responsibility for how you feel.

"When speaking with potential customers on the phone I always smile - you can hear a smile and I know this helps me connect with people." 

ICON: What are your thoughts about ICON management and you managers?

Simen: Well, they ask for our opinions, they communicate with each other, and they are experienced sellers with great backgrounds. 

ICON: Advice?

Simen: Try it, you can definitely learn a lot, and there are many campaigns which make for a variety of work. Working here teaches tolerance and discipline. It is a dynamic environment and fast pace, kind of exciting really.

ICON: Finally, being from Norway, I have to ask if you watch Vikings?

Simen: I love it! 

ICON: Is Ragnar dead?

Simen: Have you watched the last episode?


Simen: Watch it!

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