Josh Jones' name sounds like it was been taken straight from a comic book superhero, fortunately for ICON his super power is communication. He has a real passion for the art of selling, and the challenge comes from matching people to solutions. "Sales involves a lot of psychology, finding out people's needs and going from that initial refusal, which human nature, to a 'yes'", he explains.

Josh had been working with one of the world's largest social media software tools, Socialbakers, when he was ready for a new challenge. Even though he helped them secure accounts with the world's biggest brands he was still looking to grow his sales skills, and find his way to a leadership position. "I knew ICON promoted from within and I knew, depending on the job, it could be a challenging sales environment - just what I was looking for."

The sales experience Josh has acquired throughout his career means he has learnt various sales methodologies but ICON's has proven to be the most successful for him. While we won't reveal it here, Josh admits that fact-finding encompasses the lion's share of the process and this is his communication skills shine through. "You have to be able to really relate to people, understand them from their point of view, and not just your own."

"The challenge in sales makes it exciting - the success rate is between 2 and 8 percent - imagine if you are a surgeon and you had those stats to work with!"
Josh started with ICON in July 2015 and now 10 months later he is the backup for the Operations Manager!

Josh started with ICON in July 2015 and now 10 months later he is the backup for the Operations Manager!

ICON has a simple strategy of rewarding success and effort with money, promotion, and acknowledgment. They give team members more opportunities for their career by investing in training, offering increased responsibility, and promoting from within. Training upskills employees, bringing more value for them personally and ultimately for clients. Increased responsibility helps upskill too, but also builds confidence which is invaluable in a communication business. The policy of internal promotion is one of the aspects that makes ICON such a strong and cohesive business. Josh explains that this translates into ICON's leadership team having a full understanding of the roles within its business, allowing them to appreciate any associated trials and tribulations that can occur from time to time. Team Leaders, for example, can all offer fantastic support and specific knowledge on how to succeed as Agents because they have done it!

"It helps that management is not ovrcrowded or complicated, there is a simple hieracrchy and you can reach out to any person in the company easily."

Now Josh is growing his career he is taking great pleasure in watching and helping other people develop. A team member who started in January with a huge ambition to succeeed and be great at what he does, asked Josh for help in getting better results and increasing his role at ICON. After investing time and training and a great to attitude, the team member is now the backup for a Team Leader! It is this desire to help and nurture talent that makes ICON a special place to work. With almost all staff from other countries ICON provides an important social network too which leads Josh to one of his favoutite things about working here, "It really is like a giant family for me here, everyone knows each other and we all band together."

Thanks Josh Jones!