ICON has been supporting staff to get fit in 2015 and for one team member the results have been remarkable. Each week ICON staff get deliveries of fruit, and each month inspirational wellness messages populate the building to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The contact centre also has a subsidised gym membership program for staff as part of their commitment. Chris, a New York native with over three years experience at ICON, got motivated by the cheap gym pass and decided to get fit earlier this year. 

"I was feeling lazy and I didn't have any energy at work which was really disappointing. Combined with wanting to get fit for my holidays to Thailand I had to do something!"

In the middle of January Chris started to make some changes and use the membership. The card allows staff unlimited access to a network of gyms for a small monthly amount. Chris has lost an impressive 22kgs so far and is down to 97kgs! 

"It has changed my life. I am so much fitter now, and I can even run 10kms." 

His whole lifestyle has improved and even his family have gotten involved. Chris' wife is getting fit with him here in Prague and he's challenging his brother in the United States to lose weight too. He hasn't reached his goal yet and wants to lose another 5kgs ... which he's doing while shopping for a new wardrobe. Check out the before and after pics below!


Watch Chris talking more about his ICON experience here.