ICON's Summer BBQ 2015

Last Thursday the ICON team braved 30C degrees plus to raise money for the Tereza Maxova Foundation at their 2015 Summer BBQ. While the team could have just left the food outside it was so hot, they decided for a more traditional grill to marginally speed up the process. There were no awards for bravery but the reward for the foundation was a 5400Kc donation! 
The menu included lamb chops, homemade sausages, pork steaks, boneless chicken steaks, zucchini, and red peppers, all fresh off the grill.  Gratefully for the BBQ men of ICON there were a couple of beers on hand to replenish valuable nutrients. It was the second annual Summer BBQ and another successful fundraiser for the ICON staff who take turns organising events.

Special mentions to organiser Neal Bartam, Damien Paklos for taking over Chief BBQer duties when required, and Donny Mackenzie for bringing music and some kiwi flavour to the event.

The heat was vicious but we persevered. Huge help from soooo many people that contributed - setting up tables, getting more food, it was a real team effort!
Neal Bartram - Program Manager - ICON